May 20, 2009, On the road to Tucson


we only
got as far
as Rolla, Missouri, but
tonight we are in Amarillo,
Texas, with about twelve hours left
to get to Tucson, where everybody waits.
Actually, they probably are NOT waiting!
There was much to do.
But right now we
are very tired
and need


Red dirt!
Very Red Dirt!
Who wouldn’t like it.
Almost a Mars scape without
the red sky, but green vegetation…
People made fun of me
for turning back to
find a bucket
to get


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3 Responses to “May 20, 2009, On the road to Tucson”

  1. andyjendrzejewski Says:

    Daw thank you girls. Yes it is a beautiful family we have built together. We have slept well.

    Oh! By the way, Mom took the sunset picture. Not bad aye?

    We are going to get breakfast, and we will resist putting hot dog buns in unusual places!

    Your parents who worked hard all these years not to grow up!

  2. rachelle Says:

    c’est vrai, it’s true!

    and have i mentioned that,
    i love that you two are doing
    what you’re doing.

    thank you for sharing it
    in this way especially.

  3. ingrid Says:

    we may
    have been confused
    and tired of being
    in the car so long
    when we were children, but
    now, as adults, we
    tell the dirt
    story with

    Sleep well, beautiful parents!

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