Preliminary Steps

Lorenzo Library
Stairway designed by
Michelangelo, prepares the mind
for higher knowledge stored in
the room above. One rhythmically ascends,
three steps, then rests on a landing,
seven, then rests, five, then rests, (magic numbers)
then one more before reverently entering into
a glorious room, of rare knowledge
of ancient texts laid out,
on rows of benches
for one to
discover ancient

pattern of
the carved ceiling,
the inlay of the floor
with different species of wood
echo each other. Recognizing such provides
another strategy to “prepare” the mind’s eye,
with repetition, like the stairway’s work and rest,
like a sonata’s rythym, rest and sound
like the planting of a garden,
connecting to the universe
accepting the unknown
and recognizing


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2 Responses to “Preliminary Steps”

  1. ingrid Says:

    Oh, exciting departure from Tucson!!!

  2. thekitchenboy Says:

    i love this!

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