Athena Redux II

I walked
down the hallway
toward the guest room,
across the hall from where
Walt and Kay were staying, Kathy’s
room usually. It was dark. Suddenly hearing
an “errrrrrr…”, which turned into an “errrrACK! PSSSSSSSS!”,
I jumped back and reached for support on Walt’s
door, which opened. Out came Buddy, their German
shepherd mutt as the unfortunate cat ran
back behind me toward the living
room. Kathy’s dog, Filo, arrived,
curious, everyone asking, “What
happened?”, while I
swallowed my


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3 Responses to “Athena Redux II”

  1. today, i am « courage, said the kitchen boy Says:

    […] by this invigorated by this perplexed by this mulling over this rehearsing for this cracking up at this holding dear to […]

  2. thekitchenboy Says:


  3. ingrid Says:

    That is the best photo ever.
    Oh, the Cat That Lurks.

    What delightful chaos!

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