Athena (Redux III)

Athena Redux 2

I switched off the light to the bathroom, then walked to my room, which is across the dark hall from Walt’s. His door is closed.

ME: Click. Step… step… step…Ooh!

ATHENA: “Eaow! Hissssss!”

I hit Walt’s door to keep my balance! The door opens. Buddy comes out, excited by the cat.

ME: Bang!

WALT: “What happened? Buddy…! Get Back here!”

Filo the little dog arrives, curious.

WALT: “What’s going on? Geez, I can’t believe this! Buddy!”

ΜΕ: “I, I dunno”

ATHENA: “Hisssss”

WALT: “OK, OK! Buddy! Come here!”

Athena: “Anybody got a cigarette?”



2 Responses to “Athena (Redux III)”

  1. ingrid Says:

    Oh, Athena!!!! I’m shocked!!!!

    eeee, drama!!!!

  2. thekitchenboy Says:

    yeahhh athena!!!

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