Hello Raven! What are you up to?
I have left Mom at her grave, you trickster, you coyote on wings!
So now what do you want? I have to ask.

I felt your taunting, your light-hearted calling,
Yes, I am in transition, so many transitions, as your presence suggests!
My parents are gone, I have retired from teaching…

…And as you fly, your form changes dramatically,
My thoughts also change from child to parent again, from employed to self-employed!
So what medicine, what magic do you offer now?

I am drawn past you, Raven, through vast empty plains
And past sacred mesa’s, with the hope of healing myself from loss and change!
Or is it, Raven, loss and gain, a death so that I might heal?

I know that you are a trickster, you old black bird.
An ancient and eloquent sign of death, regarded with dread by the Romans!
And by the Norse, Welsh, Celts, Scots, Cornish and Danes …

When ravens left the Tower of London,
Their absence threatened the fall of England during World War II!
Now returned, wings clipped by caretakers, Ravens are now caretakers too.

You were the Christian symbol of a dead evil priest.
But here on the reservation, your feast of flesh and rotting corpses enable souls!
They are freed from their bodies to the Great Mysterious Void.

Your shape-shifting visage on barren lands,
See more than I do, must see all, and find things hidden on that desert floor!
I open my mind to your magic, both around me and within me.

Though I cannot see your tracks from the highway, Raven,
I know they serve a message that beckons me beyond time and space!
They change my perspective to something called now.


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One Response to “Raven”

  1. kathy Says:

    fyi –
    Native Americans believe the carries the medicine of magic.
    You will fear the raven only if you need to learn about your inner fears or self-created demons.
    It is powerful medicine that can give courage — and may indicate you are about to experience a change in consciousness…….
    thought you might like to know!

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