Raven II

Raven II

Caught sharing your meal of dead hare
with another, you, Raven, skitter away
like a naughty school boy half pretending to be innocent,
but unable to leave completely the scene of your antics.

Your trick does not fool me now,
or maybe it does,
like a desert mirage to those with parched tongue and wavering step.
Your effortless rise from ground to sky!

You are unmistakable with your blackness against the landscape,
your wingspan, your rasping caw, Raven,
but your acrobatics are more effortless than a circus performer’s,
your manner more facile than a magician’s.

But in the arid haze of the desert,
your profile shifts and changes with every move
Confounding one’s perception, perhaps transforming it,
To something unidentifiable, yet significant.

You circle me, keeping watch, like a protector, perhaps,
or like a bird of prey, waiting for your chance…
…am I your prey or your patient?
or are you more concerned with losing that carcass you left behind?


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