Decorated Border

One vertical,
—-mosaic border
———with abstract
————–and imperfect,
————————————patterns begins
——————————————–to frame a
————————————————-myriad of
————————————————–pebbles. The
—————————————————-frame is limited
——————————————————-to several shades
——————————————————-of brown, consistently
—————————————————————-used throughout
————————————————————–the form, contrasting
—————————————————————– ——-each other.

————————————————————————The pebbles create
—————————————————————————a similar overall
—————————————————————————brownish orange
————————————————————————–color, in effect,
————————————————————————–but through the
—————————————————————————–additive color-
—————————————————————————mixing of many
——————————————————————————hues (blues,
—————————————————————————greens yellows—
—————————————————————————all the primary
—————————————————————————and secondary
—————————————————————————-colors), all low
—————————————————————————–in saturation
——————————————————————————-and medium-
—————————————————————————–light in value.
—————————————————————————If studied, they
——————————————————————————-reveal their
——————————————————————————own varying
—————————————————————————-arcs of line and
————————————————————————-pattern through a
————————————————————————-curious alignment
————————————————————————-of stones and
———————————————————————–changes of texture.

————————————————————————-Both the frame
———————————————————————–and a rectangular
————————————————————————–patch of this
———————————————————————–Gravel are caught
————————————————————————–in the shadow
———————————————————————-of an unknown
———————————————————————-object on the right.
————————————————————————The shadow tends
————————————————————————-to create a visual
—————————————————————————-weight on the
————————————————————————-right edge of the
—————————————————————————format. In the
—————————————————————————shadow colors
————————————————————————and textures of
————————————————————————-the stones and
—————————————————————————-the frame are
————————————————————————more comfortably
—————————————————————————close together,
—————————————————————————almost blending.

—————————————————————————-Even in the lit
————————————————————————–areas, the edges
————————————————————————of the frame tends
————————————————————————-to be confounded
———————————————————————-by its own coloration
———————————————————————and pattern with that
——————————————————————of the stones. However,
————————————————————–the frame departs from its
——————————————————————-vertical to create an
———————————————————————–approximate 60/40
———————————————————————degree right-triangle
————————————————————-with the upper right corner
————————————————————————-of the format.

——————————————————————The frame’s departure
——————————————————————–from the rectangular
—————————————————————–format is shocking. The
———————————————————–unfinished framing, together
—————————————————————-with the shadow, create
—————————————————————-an interesting equilibrium
—————————————————————–between the heaviness
———————————————————————-of the framed and
————————————————————-shadowed area on the right
————————————————————–and the open space on the
———————————————————————-left, where only lit
———————————————————–stones, un-bordered stones
————————————————————–reside. The projecting end
—————————————————-of the frame seems cantilevered
———————————————————across the format, creating an
—————————————————————-unexpected and unlikely
————————————————————–tension across the space.

————–The emotional shock of the formally cantilevered, linear
—–frame and the subject matter, a rattlesnake, support each other’s impact. Whether one first recognizes the snake or is —
——-impressed by the odd angle of the frame departing —-
———-from its expected course, one might make a connection —–
————–between the emotional relationship between the ——–
————————–subject matterand the form. ———————-


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One Response to “Decorated Border”

  1. rachel j Says:

    fascinating! visually and textually
    (if the latter is a word)

    i feel like your blog entries
    could eventually comprise a book… !?

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