Ode to Julie, Written by Walt


Alexandria born,

Grecian. Long braids.

Air-raids, searchlights, bomb-bursts. Cairo

adolescence. Camels, minarets, tropical nights,

movies open air. Protector-of-news button: censor.

GI-Johnnie. Warbride, warover, shipping out. Alone …briefly.

Just seventeen. Farmwife, farmmom, lilacs, first blizzard

Workingmom, Gerber babies, ponies, lakesummers. Hospitals. Losing
… Mother.

Boys grown. Westward call answered. Changes… forever.

Hotels run, travels taken, never done.

Nest now emptied. Health declined.

Dear Golden John departed.

Mournfully she measured

time. Alone




3 Responses to “Ode to Julie, Written by Walt”

  1. rachel j Says:

    thank you.

  2. kathy Says:

    Absolutely fantastic. No words descibe the chills that went up and down my arm as I read, and re-read the poem. Thanx, Walt (and Andy for posting it!)

  3. lunchontuesday Says:

    Oh, this is beautiful…! Thank you!!!!!

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