Camel 1 of 17

Picture 01 Package on Pavement sm

Several days in a row, I parked my truck along the curb in front of my home. Each time, as I stepped out of the truck, I noticed a Camel cigarette package laying in the road just where my foot would land. The unmistakable label on the package tempted me to pick it up. “Collage material for art…” flashed through my mind, but I was in a rush. I hoped that it would just be there the next time I would return.

(NEXT: Initial affinities with the package…)


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One Response to “Camel 1 of 17”

  1. lunchontuesday Says:

    OH, I have been /waiting/ for the Camel story!!!!!

    (Once you’re finished with this story, can we also have the story about the blue jay and the peanut? Oo, and what about the turtle and the fish?)

    Eep – sorry – getting carried away!

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