Camel 6 of 17

My association with the cigarette pack goes even further. A second picture from 1914 depicted Andreas at the driver’s seat of a 1914 Model T Roadster with the same unnamed friend seen in the back seat of the previous picture, this time in the front with two passengers riding in the back. A friend from Alexandria discovered this picture on the Internet, Fall of 2008, on the occasion of the anniversary of the Model T.

In this second picture, who are the passengers? Are they tourists, Ford representatives or British diplomats? I have been assuming that the two men were Ford representatives, because the picture appeared in the Ford Motor Company’s 1914 annual booklet, called Ford Times containing no documentation or caption about the people. It simply has the picture inserted as a two page spread, advertising the fact that Fords are everywhere. A private collection in Detroit might have the original photograph, hopefully with information relating to it documented on the reverse side. Was there a business connection between Ford Motor Company and my grandfather, at that point, or was the picture just used because these chaps happened to use a Model T Roadster in one of the most popular and mysterious countries in the American imagination then?

Were the two passengers even American? Now, just a few years later, the British were in firm control of the country. The Egyptians were unhappy about being British subjects. Their situation fomented Egyptian nationalism. Each time the British tightened their control, more British entered the country to accomplish this. The tropical white clothes, and white helmets seem more characteristic of the Brits, rather than of visiting Americans. Perhaps they just arrived to Egypt with the current influx of British and were being introduced to Egypt with a tour led by my grandfather.

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