Camel 11 of 17

Indirectly, then, the Camel enterprise from the United States, seems to have played a role, through capitalism, in igniting Turkish Nationalism (and eventually an Axis power during WWII), which led to reprisals upon the Anatolian Greek population and other consequences. 

A  Norwegian solution to the violence between Turkey and Greece developed in late 1926 through the League of Nations with the Lausanne Treaty. The agreement was to force all surviving Orthodox Greeks in Turkey to emigrate to Greece and to force all Muslim Turks in Greece to emigrate to Turkey. They based this forced population exchange strictly on religious, not cultural or social, grounds. Many Anatolian Greeks had adopted Anatolian culture and could not even speak Greek.

The plan uprooted entire populations with only a couple exceptions. This was tragic for the country of Greece who economically had trouble absorbing a million people who brought with them few resources to Greece.

The overall Greek population treated Anatolian Greeks as foreign refugees. The newcomers lived in camps until Greece could absorb them into its society. Eventually, Anatolian Greeks built a section in northern Athens, called New Smyrna and referred to as an “estia”, a memorial to this monumental disaster. It includes a square, monument and library commemorating the Anatolian Greeks and the place where they camped.

A part of that 1926 treaty, regarded the disposition of property lost during the “Great Catastrophy of 1922”, as the Greek’s dubbed loss to Aaturks and its consequences. An addendum to that treaty recognized that some Greeks in Turkey and some Turks in Greece owned property for many years. The addendum provided that if they had owned property before October 18, 1912, specific individuals listed in the treaty would get compensation for their lost property from their former country of residence.

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