Camel 15 of 17

How close was Andreas involved with these negotiations with Ford? When was he involved with the Turks? Was there a connection with the Smyrna Halkiopoulos families? Where did he attend school? Did he participate in one of the Greek brotherhoods? How did any of this play with the Egyptians? The British? The Turks? The Americans?

The baptismal certificates of his daughters imply possible involvement on many levels of Greek politics. He was thought to be quite wealthy, but lost his money in the Stock Market Crash of 1929. There were stories of him selling furniture to make ends meet. As one who had made money as an alien in Egypt, there must have been political pressure from the Egyptians. As a Greek, who worked with the Turks, he must have faced pressure from his fellow Greeks in the homeland. Perhaps he received pressures from the British.

The negotiations with Ford that occurred in both Egypt and Turkey coincided with the dates on the birth certificates of Andrea’s daughters. Virginia’s 1926 Baptismal Certificate coincides with: The year the League of Nation published the Treaty with the restitution claims for property in Smyrna previously mentioned; the formation of the Greek Union of Alexandria; and Egypt’s refusal to allow Ford to build a highway through Egypt in return for permission to start an assembly plant in the country, though a dealership had been established. Julia’s 1928 Baptismal Certificate, which lists my grandfather’s Smyrna citizenship, coincides with: The year Vehbi Koc, became representative for Ford with several dealerships in Turkey, resulting in establishing an assembly plant the following year, and establishing an assembly plant in Alexandria’s Azareeta District in 1930, near the downtown El-Raml Station. It later moved in the 1950s to the Smouha District in central Alexandria. (Ihab Guindi, email dated July 13, 2009).

So many coincidences line up, that hopefully with continued research, more information might uncover details about Andreas’ life, like unfolding the mysteries of the camel pack.

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