Iron Lace

table chairs elansing

I had
a dream, apparently,
sleep walking at home:
“I’m looking for my lace…”
they said I said, wondering aound.

might one
imagine from that?
Could I have meant
doily, shoe lace, curtain, filagree?

wondered too
what the reference
might mean, slightly embarrassed,
at the possible metaphor, symbolism.
Poetically, an answer came to me…

twisted iron
lace –a cold
sillouette against red brick
linear undulations with fluid lightness–
as elegant as tails of whales
pointing skyward spanking the deep ocean’s surface!


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3 Responses to “Iron Lace”

  1. thekitchenboy Says:

    wow (!)

  2. Andy Jendrzejewski Says:

    Thank you…

    We were having lunch in a restaurant across the street and I pulled out the camera midbite and took the picture without explaining myself and everybody looked at me, then looked out the window, then continued eating.

  3. lunchontuesday Says:


    And the chairs…oh, I’ve been working with an image of R’s, a distant cousin of this image yesterday and today. There must be something in the air!

    There’s something lovely about them all standing (sitting?) there, empty and talkative!

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