A Cotton Rope Fragment



fibers, twisted

and braided into

cords of strength, serving

to bind, tie, bundle, hold,

pull, hang, until it’s

cut or tears apart,

frays, breaks,




turning into

a valuable brush

with two painting ends

of soft absorbent fibers held

together by a braided

stem, knotted for

weight and




for some

bird, whose task

in the spring consists

of beaking together a woven

nest, a comfortable retreat,

and tender landing

for speckled




grey poodle,

depressed by his

beautician’s trimming that had

gone awry, throws himself in

front of a speeding semi,

which flattens him,

ending his



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One Response to “A Cotton Rope Fragment”

  1. thekitchenboy Says:

    ahh save the poodle!!!

    that bits about rope in the movie last night totally made me think of this.. all emotions surrounding suicidal poodles aside, it is a lovely study.

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