Purchasing a Bicycle

If I were to purchase a bicycle now,

How would I determine how much air to put in its tires?

I could feel the tires with my hands,

The way my father taught me.

But could I remember the exact feeling of the tires in my fingers?

Is my muscle memory the same?

My father is long gone now;

And I have grown strong, then weak again with age.

I have relied on many things he passed down to me,

But what felt hard to me then, might feel soft to me now or visa versa.


How would I determine how much air to put in the new bike’s tires?

Would I have to buy a gauge?

Would it say on the tire?

Will the shop owner tell me how?

Would I have to Google it?


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4 Responses to “Purchasing a Bicycle”

  1. kathy Says:

    I was just thinking yesterday how Dad told us that we should always ride against the traffic so we could see the cars coming. Makes sense to me, but would get me a bicycle ticket here. some things were just better the old way.

  2. Ingrid Says:

    you would
    simply have to
    try it out, just
    as if it were
    the first bicycle
    you ever

    (And don’t forget the e’er-so-fashionable cycle helmet, okay??!)

    • Andy Jendrzejewski Says:

      You are correct here. But really the poem is about the passing of generations, passing memory from one generation to the other through the little things and through feeling in general, that human perception that connects us, transcending generations…through a bike tire!

  3. thekitchenboy Says:

    beautiful, and so poignant.
    thank you, dadoo.

    (by the way, i know this cute boy named kyle who knows a lot about bicycles … but if you make the buy before he gets to indiana, google does tend to be a pretty faithful friend… ha)

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