Temptation and Fall

(Grouch and Nervosa took Angel #2 to the launch pad
for her next stage in Life. As Angel #2 departed into the blue,
Nervosa talks to Grouch:)

NERVOSA: Why don’t we go to the Garden, just to look around.

GROUCH: (While driving) Well, I guess, if we have time before our next appointment. We’ll see what’s new.

NERVOSA: Do you remember where it is?

GROUCH: Near the mall where we ate seafood. It’s up there near Castleton Corner, or something.

(So they drove through the city and up the beltway looking for the Garden. Not knowing exactly where it is, Nervosa, who is a little nervous about the time, because they had an appointment in several hours in another town, gets on the cell phone to find out the location of the Garden.)

NERVOSA: (on the phone, Grouch is oblivious, lost in fighting the traffic.)  Okay, at Fashion Square Mall.  Yes. Yes. We’ll look for that. Thank you. Bye.

NERVOSA: (Turning to Grouch) It’s at Fashion Square Mall. Do you know where that is?

GROUCH: Yah, it’s around Castleton Corner, just beyond it a ways, near where we ate sea food. Don’t you remember that? (perturbed)

(After driving a bit more…)

GROUCH: Uh, is this where the Garden is?

NERVOSA: Yes, Yes, it’s right over here, there, that end of Fashion Mall! Ack!

GROUCH: Ah! I missed it. I’ll just go to the back.

(Grouch finds his way to the back of the Fashion Mall, as he drove past the first opportunity to get to the Garden. They enter the mall from the back and in it they find the Garden…an Orchard, really.  They found they were not alone. Many others were their scrambling around, and  many others were approaching them all with temptations.)

GROUCH: Let’s not talk to anyone right away. We’re just looking.


(But almost before Nervosa could say ”OK”, a Temptress approaches them.)

TEMPTRESS: “Hi there, may I help you with something?”

GROUCH: No, we’re just looking! …well, tell me about what would we would need to do to switch from a PC to Mac.

TEMPTRESS: Well, it’s so easy.  What would you be looking for? a desktop or laptop? Here’s a great little laptop, nice, small compact, white, with a cute little Apple on it.

GROUCH: Well, I’m thinking they are pretty expensive. You would probably get more power from a desktop for the same amount of money, correct?

TEMPTRESS: True, but do you need mobility? What kinds of things are you doing?

GROUCH: I’m looking at graphics, movies, jpegs, music.  I need power!

TEMPTRESS: Right… Okay, well, you would get much more power over here with the I-Mac, anything you want to do, and it comes with a free I-Touch and a free hundred dollar printer! Oh, and do you have an education ID card?

GROUCH: (excited, but apprehensive) Oh, um,  ya! Let’s see…

(Grouch nervously fumbles around for an identification card showing that he is a retired faculty member, but he cannot locate it.)

NERVOSA: I have mine, here it is; we’re both retired faculty members.

TEMPTRESS: Oh! That would work! Great! So that would be another chunk off the price. So, what do you say?

NERVOSA: I think you ought to get the I-Mac.

GROUCH: Sure? (pause, in disbelief) Um, well, OK…

TEMPTRESS: The 18 or 24 inch.

GROUCH: The 24 inch! (as he bites his tongue).

(Together, Nervosa and Grouch fell partaking of an Apple…into almost paradise.)


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5 Responses to “Temptation and Fall”

  1. kathy Says:

    i can clearly see the whole picture! What a nice way to capture getting such a new gift to yourselves!

  2. Ingrid Says:

    Gah! Another opportunity missed to lure you to linux! Oh, one day, you will come over to the dark side…. (Of course, your os is already unix-based…mwahahahahah!)

  3. Andy Jendrzejewski Says:

    One cannot be succinct, were it not that often I am speechless at how nice it is compared to the PC that I have struggled with all these years. Sexy? It’s not just sexy; it’s love, man!

  4. Robert Fineman Says:

    Ahh, another supplicant succumbs to the siren song of a sexy new Mac. You will be forever enraptured by its elegance, grace, beauty, intuitiveness, versatility, reliability, simplicity and succinctness, (unlike this comment). Tech support is an e-mail away! (Me or Ben)

  5. thekitchenboy Says:


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