Amy Floating

Amy floating 2 adjusted

Suspended in green freshness

over depths unknown,

limbs unaware of gravity now

but of the sun, yes…

she floats,

slightly uneasy about her new predicament,

learning to trust both the water

and her jacket,

so that she can enter her present,

her living now.

Suspended in green freshness

in sweet syncopation

of ripples and waves,

she relents,

losing herself cautiously to the cosmos

for moments at a time.

Suspended in green freshness

she finds the safety of light,

her new compass,

by closing her eyes.

Credit: Photographed by Marsha Pearson 9-13-2009, Lake Monroe, Indiana


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One Response to “Amy Floating”

  1. thekitchenboy Says:

    how utterly, utterly beautiful.

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