Each with Different Patterns


Some say that the human body is 99% space
And 1% substance.
Of that one percent substance,
Some 90% is water.
They have calculated the cost
Of the chemicals that comprise our bodies.
Our ashes fit in small containers.

Each leaf is different from the other.
No two faces are precisely the same.
Like snowflakes,
They offer incomprehensible variety.
But there is only one word for leaf,
One word for snowflake and one for face…

There is often conflict
Between the particular and the general.
Sometimes the general helps us to grasp,
Other times it blinds us.
Our failure to see the particular for the general
May be the actual Original Sin,
Symbolized by the generality of apples,
And overlooking the significance of a particular one,
Until it was too late.

They say the brain’s multitude of connections
Create electric objects
—Constellations in inner galaxies—
From which we each construct our own universes,
Precepts taken for knowledge,
Each with a different pattern,
But generally recognizable,
Like leaves, like faces, like snowflakes.

Magicians know this.


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