over the roof’s slant

in your lengthy fuss
aligning your cameras
you two had ignored us
not recognizing our powers
thinking you knew better
to look beyond for hours
for trolls, leprechauns or elves to fetter
only to find ones not so fine
at a Norwegian store?
in Nashville? Waiting in line?

we wore no tights
nor pointed slippers, ick!
we don’t like fights
nor live under bridges
with those ugly mud skippers, sick!
you searched and searched
to no avail
we were right in front of you
how could you fail?
to see us, your own magic beings
over the roof’s slant
on the ridge of the park’s
water treatment plant


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2 Responses to “over the roof’s slant”

  1. Robert Fineman Says:

    It’s all done with smoke and mirrors…..

  2. rachel j Says:


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